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Who We Are

​K&A is a firm that fills a very unique gap between the traditional role of civil engineering firms; “designing to build” and the rapidly evolving ethos of “designing to build while preserving natural resources”.


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We are a founder led, knowledge driven firm established in 1987 and located in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Strongly connected to the fabric of our community, most staff members are native to Palm Beach County. Our entire leadership team's professional careers have been cultivated in Palm Beach County, a distinction that brings with it a unique and valuable perspective to our practice.

Focused on technical solutions within our region’s natural environment we have spent the last 36 years participating in the incredible physical growth of our community. We have successfully completed over 1500 projects while fully recognizing our responsibility as decision makers of how our natural environment is shaped.

Guided by the founder's vision and the forward leaning perspective of the next generation, we blend experience with innovation, ensuring a harmonious transition into the next decades of responsible practice in our field.

Key Staff

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