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We are a founder led, knowledge driven firm established in 1987 and located in downtown
West Palm Beach, Florida. We are strongly connected to the fabric of our community.
 Guided by the founder's vision and the forward leaning perspective of the next generation, we blend experience with innovation, ensuring a harmonious transition into the next decades of responsible practice in our field.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the betterment of human life and its environment by providing thoughtful solutions to the infrastructure needs and environmental challenges arising from the ever growing population in urban, suburban and rural areas.

What We Do

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Civil Engineering

Our firm engages in design and construction of infrastructure, facilities and communities for private and public clients with a particular focus on the South Florida region. 


Our firm engages in all aspects of land surveying utilized in high accuracy design and construction as well as complex property rights and exchanges.
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Consulting/Advisory Services

Today’s Civil Engineering practice has emerged into a combination of technical skill and socio political know how. Having the thorough local knowledge and recognition that are the results of being an actual part of a community can be leveraged into powerful assets in a design, approval and construction process. K&A’s Consulting/Advisory Services are particularly effective for end users or out of or new to the area clients.

Client success
is the centerpiece of our practice.

We define client success by the timely delivery of designs and approvals for systems that are founded on budgetary realities and with future economic and environmental resiliency, operations, maintenance and legal liabilities in mind.
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Join Our Team

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